Applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


Recipe-App Version 1.1

My Collected Recipes is now available in version 1.1 and allows adding of photos from the media library.



My Collected Recipes is for getting your own collection of recipes into your iOS device by simply taking photos of your recipe notes.


Dicing app for Apple Watch

Forgot to bring your dice to a role playing game or other dice game session? Never mind - with Dice at Hand you always have your dice at hand

Now available: a dice rolling app specifically for the Apple Watch featuring configurable dice sets of multiple polyhedral dice. Just roll 3d6+1 with one touch, for example.


Adapted for iPhone 6

Adapted Ape Test and Ape Test Lite for the larger displays of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.


Fixed the bug

Found the bug thanks to the feedback of a user. Many thanks for that!

The bug affects the iPad version of Ape Test only and prevents the numbers from appearing.

The fixed version 4.1 should be available soon.


Need your help

Seems like some people have problems with version 4.0 of Ape Test freezing. I'm sorry about that!

To fix that bug, please contact me at because I need more details.



iOS 7 - New Design

Now on the App Store: Ape Test with new design for iOS 7


Coming Soon: Ape Test for iOS 7

Screenshot of iOS 7 version of Ape Test

Ape Test free today

To celebrate the imminent 5th birthday of the App Store Ape Test is free today!


Letter Wheel!

Create random letters for word games like the Categories game.


Bye bye, letterbox

You now can play Ape Test and Ape Test Lite on the 4 inch display of iPhone 5 without black bars (letterbox).


iPhone 5

Updates of Ape Test and Ape Test Lite with support for the 4 inch display of iPhone 5 have been submitted and should soon be available (versions 3.3 and 1.5, respectively).



Ape Test 3.2 and Ape Test Lite 1.4 fix a bug where the numbers would not appear anymore or tiny white dots would be shown instead of the white squares (iPhone only).


Ape Test 3.1 now available

Gold medal with engraved ape

Version 3.1 of Ape Test containing the bugfix has just hit the App Store.

Many thanks to the great folks at Apple who granted my request for expedite review and did just that: an awesomely quick review!

So now can the hunt for the best places on the leaderboards start for real :-)


Ape Test 3.0 now available

Version 3.0 of Ape Test is available on the App Store since last evening.

Unfortunately I did uncover a nasty bug which can cause crashes when displaying the leaderboards or achievements in low memory situations. The bug is already fixed and the version containing the fix (3.1) has been submitted to review with a request for expedite review.

Until the fixed version is available, I advise to save your gaming state before opening the leaderboards or achievement views by switching to another app and back to Ape Test (this triggers a save). I apologize for any inconvenience.


Game Center for Ape Test

The new version of Ape Test with Game Center support has been submitted:

Game Center achievements list

Glossary Update Recap

Icon of Glossary

The last two updates are out since almost a month, but I neglected to mention them here till now:

  • Version 2.4.3 allows embedding hyperlinks to websites in the description text (new button "URL")
  • Version 2.4.2 did contain some minor UI bugfixes

Glossary Update

Icon of Glossary

Some users were confused that no window opened when launching the program and at first thought that the program had failed to start.

Because of that I added a starter window which is always shown when no glossary window is open (and only then). This starter window allows to create a new glossary or open an existing one.

The update (2.4.1) has been submitted yesterday to Apple and should probably be available within a few days.


Glossary now available

Icon of Glossary

My new Mac application Glossary is now available on the Mac App Store.


Announcement: Glossary

An excursion to the Mac: within the next couple of days a new application of mine will be available on the Mac App Store.

So, no iOS app this time.

It is an application to record definitions of terms in a simplified way. Originally I did write it for my wife who uses it for her studies. For the Mac App Store I did some polishing, added more functionality and online documentation which is available from within the app itself as help.

More information on Glossary's website.


Reviews and Feedback

First of all I'd like to thank you all for the many reviews in all the country stores of iTunes!

In the last review scs2163 suggested to add levels 6 and 8 (= number count). Unfortunately I cannot respond directly to reviews, so I'd like to do that here:

The additional levels would be problematic in the iPhone/iPod-Version because there would not be sufficient space for that many buttons. They would have to be replaced by a menu, making selecting levels more awkward. Furthermore there would be many statistics to follow.

The bigger problem, though, would be with Game Center support for which an update should come soon. In Game Center there will be a leaderboard for the longest run per possible setting. This means 12 different leaderboards already (4 different timing settings times 3 levels). Adding levels 6 and 8 would result in 20 different leaderboards which I personally think would be too many.

What do you think? Drop me a mail!


Ape Test listed on

Logo of Cool Apps Listing

Ape Test is listed in the "Cool Apps" list of

Go there and rate it if you'd like Ape Test to become the "App of the Week". Or twitter about it and share it in Facebook.


Hot in the App Store!

Ape Test is currently on rank 6 in the top charts and on rank 1 in the "What's Hot" section in the category Games/Trivia for iPad in the German App Store!

Screenshot of What's Hot section

New versions now available

The new versions of Ape Test Lite (1.2) and Ape Test (2.1) are already available on the App Store!

The update of Ape Test Lite is especially recommended, because it activates additional game settings, which did not function due to a bug... Yes, those three buttons at the bottom of the screen are there for a reason!

The full version has more buttons still :-)


New versions submitted to Apple

Version 1.2 of Ape Test Lite

This version contains important bugfixes:

  • the settings buttons at the bottom did not work at all!
    No wonder, some reviewers found Ape Test Lite to be too easy...
  • the preview for 9 numbers shown for 210 ms in the full version info screen did not work

In addition the following rotation issue has been fixed:

  • landscape orientation had been enabled by mistake (and therefore looked very broken until rotated back). It has been disabled again.

Furthermore Ape Test Lite now has a shiny new high resolution icon (high resolution graphics remain limited to the full version, though).

Version 2.1 of Ape Test

This version fixes the following rotation issues:

  • iPhone/iPod touch: landscape orientation had been enabled by mistake (and therefore looked very broken until rotated back). It has been disabled again.
  • iPad: fast rotation about 180° at once broke the layout until rotated by 90° again

Ape Test 2.0 now available

Version 2.0 of Ape Test is now available on the App Store.

A big thank you to the reviewers at Apple: that was real fast!


Version 2.0 out of the door

Version 2.0 of Ape Test has been submitted to Apple.

This version adds specialized support for the iPad.

Of course it still runs on your iPhone or iPod Touch and brings some nice improvements to these as well like storing your best values for success rate and average correct touches and a new success sound.

It will probably be available on the App Store within a few days.


Version 1.2 now available

Version 1.2 of Ape Test is now available.

This version fixes the bug introduced in version 1.1 which manifested under iOS 4 (see previous news item).


iOS 4: Bugfix

Unfortunately version 1.1 of Ape Test contains a bug which occurs under iOS 4: new game results won't be saved when leaving the application. I apologize for this.

This bug does not occur under iPhone 3.x.

The bug is fixed in version 1.2 which is currently waiting for a review by Apple and should be available within a few days.

Update: version 1.2 is now available


iPhoneWelt Recommends Ape Test

The german magazine iPhoneWelt/MacWelt has reviewed Ape Test and rated it with the grade "2,0" (good).

In addition they awarded the logo "iPhoneWelt - Empfehlung" ("iPhoneWelt - Recommendation").


iOS 4: Retina Display

Ape Test is now available in version 1.1 with support for the high resolution Retina display of iPhone 4.


iPad Version in the Works

The iPad version of Ape Test will be released as an update (as Universal App which contains both the iPhone version and the specialized iPad version) so it won't have to be bought twice.


Ape Test Lite Now Available

Ape Test Lite is now available on the App Store


Ape Test Lite

Version 1.0, for iPod touch and iPhone (OS 3.0+)

Get a taste of Ape Test!


Ape Test

Version 1.0, for iPod touch and iPhone (OS 3.0+)

Test and train your photographic memory!

Can you keep up with the chimpanzee Ayumu?

You have to memorize the positions of up to nine numbers within a very short time span. The chimpanzee Ayumu accomplishes this masterfully, even if he has seen the numbers for just 210 milliseconds. The human test persons undergoing the same test performed worse.

What about you? What can you grasp with a glance?


The Website goes live!

And the first Applikation is nearly finished...