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Dice at Hand

Version 1.0

Forgot to bring your dice to a role playing game or other dice game session?
Never mind - with Dice at Hand you always have your dice at hand :-)

Designed for Apple Watch

This app has been designed for the Apple Watch.
  • Swipe between three different dice sets
  • Each dice set contains of six dice buttons
  • Each dice button can represent several polyhedral dice, even mixed and with modifiers, e.g. 2d6+1 or 1d4+1d6 (where 2d6+1 means that two six-sided dice will be rolled and 1 will be added to the result)
  • Roll dice by tapping the desired dice button
  • The last six numbers rolled are displayed beside the current number rolled
  • Customize each dice set right on the Apple Watch
  • Choose each dice set from a list of predefined dice sets which you can customize using the iOS companion app

iOS Companion App

  • The iOS companion app allows you to define new dice sets and add them to the list of dice sets to choose from.
  • You can roll the dice on the iOS app, too, of course.


Apple Watch

Roll dice

Edit dice

Choose from several dice sets